4 Simple Steps For Your First Website

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4 simple steps for your first website
If you are a small business just starting out and you want to get yourself on the web as soon possible and as cheaply as possible I have some tips for you.
  1. Get Organised

    Many times I get approached by small startup businesses wanting a website but they don’t know what to put on it. Its important to spend time researching other websites that sell similar services to yours and research what look and style you are going for. If you can not think about how you are going to write your content then I would advise you to hire a copywriter.

    You have invested time and money in your business so why not invest time into the copy of your website. Not only it will provide you with content but it will help you website to be search engine friendly and google will more likely rank your website.

  2. Picture Research

    Ok, so you have all your content. How about pictures to help visualise what your services or products are. If you don’t have any images that you can produce I recommend you use Pixabay or Librestock for free images or if you can not find anything there, you can use, Dreamstime, istockphoto.comGetty images.

  3. Get Yourself on Social Media

    This is a great and free way of marketing your amazing new business. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin are a few that can help market your website. You can promote your products or services by advertising on there. The more active you are on these platforms it will also help increase your ranking on Google. If you need help getting started on Social Media then I can help you set up these pages.

  4. You feel you are ready for your website to be built

    Thats great! If you are ready to build your site then email me and I look forward to hearing about your new business. This way we can get you online within a week!

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